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Welcome on dicke-Q.de!

The intention this web site  is to provide information and suggestions around motor biking. The bike I own, at present a BMW R 1150 GS has substantially inspired to the naming of this site (dicke Q pronounced in German like "dicke Kuh" which means thick cow in which cow is the common German nickname of boxer engine powered BMW motorbikes). Constructive criticism is welcome any time. Have fun on the following pages!

Online since 02 April 2006 * Last update: 11 January 2009

Latest News

In July 2008 we did our trip through the Pyrenees. During 8 days we drove 2.000 km and collected as many impressions.


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Our tour in ‘07 led us to Sweden, along lovely seas, by woods and to friends. We at the same time learned to know and to value the typical Swedish calmness.


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On 8 July 2007 the 24th MOGO took place in Hamburg. An event, attracting us and regularly several ten thousand motorcyclists. 



In August 2006 we toured one week through Slovenia. Together with some Polish Bikers who we met at the boarder between Austria and Slovenia we did a round trip through the country. Splendid weather, superb landscape and hospitality have been formative to this journey


On 2 July 2006 the MOGO (motor bike church service) took place in Hamburg again.